Monday, January 31, 2011

Thousands of Pages Unfold in the Bitter Cold - It's Winter Carnival Time and We Will Be Open!

Well we broke our first weekend of the month rule again. Okay it is just a guideline as we adjust to our schedules and to the events around us. This month it's the Michigan Tech Winter Carnival. We will be open February 10th thru the 12th (Thursday night thru Saturday) so Winter Carnival visitors can also have some fun exploring Re-Treat.

Since the theme for Carnival is basically books, we've torn off covers, we've torn out pages and we've strategically placed them throughout the store along with all our new finds from the last couple months.

Of course it's also Valentine's Day time so we've got a few hearts laying around too for your special someone...

Did I mention great finds and new creations?

See you soon! Watch our facebook page for more pictures...