Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No Place Like Home: March 6, 7 & 8

We would like to say that Spring is on its way but we are not so optimistic with the negative temps we've had over the last couple weeks.  With that said, there has been No Place Like Home.  Almost everyone you run into lately has been spending lots of time indoors.  The Re-Treat gals have spent this time to dig a little deeper into our reserve our projects and reinventing some old pieces.  Yes, we have a reserve and depending on our mood it is either the pit of despair or the field of dreams.

This had been a tough winter.  While it is beautiful because of the mounds of white snow it is also challenging to get outdoors with the freezing temps.  We hope you are using your extra indoor time by creating, redecorating or organizing. In the end, there is no place like home.  Hope you can visit us this weekend at our second home, Re-Treat Design.  Open Thursday 5-8pm, Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.

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