Monday, April 29, 2013

Weathered Charm - May 2, 3 & 4

What is the favorite piece of furniture in my newly remodeled house? It's an easy answer. My favorite piece of furniture is an old farm bench that is repurposed as my coffee table.  I found the piece when we were first hunting for Re-Treat goods at a random flea market in Minnesota for $40 and I knew right away it was coming home with me.  It's top is worn barn wood and the edges and legs are layered with white, turquoise and blue paint that time and wear has revealed.  Would I consider repainting it?  Not a chance! 

Do you have a favorite piece or is it waiting for you at Re-Treat? "Weathered Charm" is throughout the store this month with some great furniture pieces, yard art and more. In addition we consigned local artist Dominic Fredianelli to create some spring inspired original artwork including canvas paintings and graffiti art turned into pillows.  As always, one-of-kind items and artwork, come early and come back as we restock throughout the weekend.   

As always, more pictures can be found on facebook.

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